About Moringa

What is Moringa

Moringa is a plant native of different parts of India and Africa. It is also commonly known as the Drumstick tree or the Horseradish tree. In Africa it as been given the alias “Mother’s Miracle”.

The most cultivated specie, famous for its multipurpose characteristics is the Moringa Oleifera. Native of the foothills of the Himalayas it is currently cultivated throughout tropical and sub-tropical areas of the world.

Moringa Farmland

The tree grows very easily, both from seeds and cuttings. It is not picky and tolerates a wide range of soil conditions, but its preference goes to a well-drained sandy soil as its roots tend to rot in water-saturated grounds. It also prefers warm and sunny climates as it would die in freezing conditions.


Common Uses

  • Culinary ingredient
  • Nutrition supplement
  • Cosmetic ingredients
  • Water purification
  • Malnutrition relief
  • Medicinal research



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